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Midway Rental in Whitefish has a diverse selection of construction equipment and tools, including heavy-duty tools, specialty hand tools, and outdoor power equipment. No matter what you’re looking for in the way of construction equipment rental, you can find it here.

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Home improvement & construction equipment - Courteous "how-to" instruction - Flexible rental periods

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*Delivery & pickup as available for large equipment rentals. Minimum 1-day rentals.

I rented a machine for the weekend, picked it up on Friday and dropped off on Monday am. The track fell off twice, they fixed it once and I put it on once. I should of gotten a bigger machine so I was frustrated things were not working out on my project. I couldn’t reach anyone all weekend, they were having trouble with their phone. Bottom line: they made things right with me without an attitude—customer service prevailed. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy/rent equipment. They took care of me and turned a rough weekend into a positive experience. I appreciate David and his crew!

- Matt Opalka