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We have the equipment and know-how you need to get your job done right, whether it's for residential or commercial purposes. ERS makes it simple to rent the equipment you need.

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Couldn't ask for a better company. I have rented from several over the years and ERS of Camas has far then exceed expectations and customer service. Day one, first load I buried the loader in a soft field. (Thought it was dry enough.) Two hours later we got it out and came up with a new route to move the dirt in. I put my guy on it and a few loads later a water main broke. Clark PUD came out and fixed it we went back to work and buried the loader again. One hour later and now working again we broke the water main in another 2 places. After all this the loader got buried even worse this time. I went to bed, the next morning we got to work on the water main and in took all Sunday to fix. I called ERS on Monday morning explained my troubles, nightmares really and they said keep it and finish up. I was able to get all our work done in the one full day that I intended on in the first place. ERS has a client for life! Its funny too because I had a machine rented with Power Rents in BG and it broke down so they referred me to ERS so that I wouldn't be stuck. (No pun intended.) LOL

- James Piccolo