Our founder, Kevin Fitzgerald formed REIC in 2014 and has set a platform in which local rental companies are offered an opportunity to become a part of a larger corporation.

REIC ensures small businesses are supported, jobs stay in the community, and the local feel remains consistent. One key difference is that now with the extra financial backing of REIC, smaller rental companies are able to upgrade and expand within the community. Financial assistance and businesses growth occurs - everyone wins, both the community and the employees.

REIC is a holding company that invests its capital in purchasing well-run rental equipment companies. We are continuing to open new rental locations throughout the United States.

Your Trusted Equipment Rental Company

REIC is well capitalized with institutional financing partners, which allows us to provide each location with capital to have the best equipment available for rent and sale. Our operating systems and management expertise give our stores the tools necessary to grow efficiently and profitably.